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Victorinox 5.6603.15 6" Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife with Semi-Stiff Blade B0000CF94L, Silver/Black

by Victorinox

Estimate to be delivered 20 Dec - 23 Dec


For slicing through bone and cartilage
For slicing around ribs and chops
Slip-resistant handle
Lightweight and comfortable
Stamped construction
Curved boning knife provides a better working angle when cutting close to and around the bone
High carbon stainless-steel blade provides maximum sharpness and edge retention; conical ground through length and depth for a wider break point; ice tempered to sustain sharpness longer
Blade stamped from cold-rolled steel; bolsterless edge for use of entire blade and ease of sharpening
Patented Fibrox handles are textured, slip resistant, and ergonomically designed for balance and comfort; NSF approved
Hand washing recommended; lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects; expertly made in Switzerland


Victorinox 6 Inch Curved Fibrox Pro Boning Knife with Semi-stiff Blade

Customers Reviews

Don't turn your back on this knife

5.0 out of 5.0 by D. Fitzjarrell on January 20, 2016
OMG! I have NEVER had a knife this sharp. It was so sharp I was like, walking with it held at arms length in front of me, just in case. I warned my wife to step back as I carried it to the kitchen. This thing is "horror movie" sharp. All kidding aside, I really enjoy this knife. I trashed my boning knife years ago, and finally bought a new one. This steel can take an edge, and keep it. You will like this knife. Just don't piss it off.
Great knife

5.0 out of 5.0 by Bc on July 14, 2017
Butchered 45 chickens yesterday. This was my go to knife for everything!...cutting feet off, opening the gut cavety and even cut the necks. I wouldnt suggest it for neck cutting but it worked well. I only sharpened once in 45 chickens, im cutting on a plastic cutting board.
My other knifes for this 45 chicken butchering included. Victornox 3.25in vent boning ( terrible)
Moraknif companion, good for disbatching.
Great quality/price. Super versatile and well made with a good balance. Everyone should have one, even vegetarians.

5.0 out of 5.0 by AZ Mutley on February 10, 2018
Wow ! I only bought this as I gave some Victorinox paring knives as a Christmas gift and the person called and said they were really very good.
So having the chefs knife I thought I'd get the boning knife as its also good for tomatoes and fish; and cheese too it turns out.
Super sharp, light and versatile. Keeps a good edge and can be sharpened easily with my chef's choice sharpener. (which I bought at Target for less than this..) You can put it in the dish washer.. but I would never do that to a decent knife. A great product at a great price.
Good: 1

5.0 out of 5.0 by Konstantin Poplavskii on September 24, 2017
Turned out to be the most convenient and consequently most used knife in my collection. So, after about 5 month of using it daily:
1. Perfect length for 99% of kitchen tasks.
2. Perfect width for 75% of kitchen tasks.
3. Comfortable handle.
4. Good design: when you place it on table, handle weight is enough to keep the blade from touching table. You might think otherwise, but I personally love that.
5. Good steel quality. Nothing spectacular, but it holds sharpening long enough to be not annoying .
1. Well, it's not as flexible as I anticipated it to be. On the other hand, it makes it more universally useful.

This one and a powerful chef's knife for heavy duty tasks -- and all your kitchen needs are covered with just two knives.

Verdict: 5 stars.
Five Stars

5.0 out of 5.0 by Craig S. on September 17, 2017
I have carved a lot of halibut with this bad boy
A must buy if needing this type of knife.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mthompson on November 30, 2015
I have owned several knives of this type. I am one that cares more about how an item performs over how it looks. I like the looks of this knife but it's performance is what makes me love it.
If you have never owned a Victorinox knife with a fibrox handle do yourself a favor and order one to try. The fit the hand well and provide a good grip. I started with one now own 10 or so from paring to chefs.Aside from the great handles Victorinox knives are very sharp and remain that way for a long time.
This particular knife is good for a lot of different functions. I have used it to debone deer, carve turkey, cut up ham, among various other things around the kitchen and it has always performed flawlessly.
Great knife, good balance, very sharp

5.0 out of 5.0 by Wags on December 28, 2017
I am really please with this knife. I was looking for a good trimming knife since I have really gotten into smoking meats. I wanted one that was very sharp so I did not have to saw at the meat. This thing cuts through the excess fat with so much ease, you almost have to be extra careful because of how easily it goes. I really like the weight and feel of the knife. I have above average hand size and the handle is plenty long to comfortably control it. I am completely happy with my purchase and will probable get a Victorinox Cimeter knife next for slicing the brisket post smoke.
Great tool for bone removal.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Theresa252630 on January 21, 2016
Excellent knife for removing bones from lamb or beef. I have used it successfully with chicken as I find it works better than kitchen scissors for removing skin, bones and fat, even when the chicken is frozen.
There are youtube videos on how to properly remove bones from meat if you have no idea how to do it. Be very careful when using this tool, as it is extremely sharp.
Nice cuts

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on January 19, 2017
Great knife
Sharp as allballs

5.0 out of 5.0 by Heimlich on January 23, 2018
You like Marvel Comics movies? Wonder what it's like to be Wolverine? Does Ginsu mean baby knife to you? I'll cut to the chase here. I have continually purchased inexpensive knives and then finally took the plunge to get a good knife like this one to debone some meat. You learn what a sharp knife is really fast. This knife will slice and dice and will leave you impressed with a knife. Buy it now.