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Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

by Victorinox Swiss Army

Estimate to be delivered 18 Dec - 21 Dec


Long and narrow in shape, with a razor sharp edge designed for maximum cutting performance, this knife is suited for slicing everything from meats, to cakes, to sandwiches
The Granton blade creates pockets of air, which prevent food from sticking to the blade and creates less friction, allowing for easier motion and higher efficiency
"Highly Recommended" by a leading gourmet consumer magazine that features unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment
Expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884; designed for professionals who use knives all day, every day; lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship
Please NOTE that this item ships with the item number 5.4723.30 on the blade and not 40645, 47645, or 47645.US2, but is the same 12" Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife


The 12" Fibrox Pro Slicer with Granton Blade, also known as a carving knife, is essential when it comes to slicing meats -- think Thanksgiving Turkey. In addition, you’ll find that this slicer can expertly cut everything from roasts, hams and fish to cakes and sandwiches. The long, 12 inch blade allows for a smooth slicing motion, even with larger cuts of meat. Smaller and thinner slices are easily achieved with the razor-sharp, high-carbon stainless steel blade with increased flexibility. The round tip and Granton blade improve meat separation, so each slice is more efficient.

“Highly Recommended" by a leading gourmet consumer magazine that features unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment, this Slicer is preferred due to its comfortable handle, superior weight and balance, and its ability to precisely slice through meats in one single stroke . Tested against dozens of other slicing knives, some with price tags nearly 3 times the cost of this knife, the 12" Fibrox Pro Slicer is best in class.

A part of our patented Fibrox Pro collection, this 12" slicer is preferred by professionals worldwide. Optimally weighted with high-quality, lightweight European steel that reduces hand and wrist fatigue, the 12" Fibrox Pro Slicer is comfortable even after extended use. The tapered knife edge is ground in two directions to hold a sharp edge longer, and can easily be brought back to its original sharpness.

Also referred to as a hollow or fluted edge, the Granton blade features hollowed-out grooves or dimples on both sides on the blade. Depending on what is being cut, these grooves will fill with juices or create pockets of air, which decrease friction and prevent food from sticking to the blade. The straight edge is versatile and can be used for both firm and soft foods. When carving meat, the straight edge will not tear fibers or cause shredding so you can obtain uniform slices with ease.

The ergonomic, non-slip patented Fibrox Pro handle provides a comfortable grip that feels secure even when greasy or wet. Designed to minimize wrist tension while providing a secure grip, the Fibrox Pro handle is both lightweight and durable, making these knives seem less likes tools and more like an extension of your hand. The National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certifies that this product is made to the highest sanitary standards, so you can cut with confidence.

Whether a seasoned, or novice home chef, Victorinox Swiss Army offers not only the right tools and the know-how, but most importantly, the confidence to achieve one’s culinary aspirations. Expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884, Victorinox offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

Please NOTE that this item ships with the International item number 5.4723.30 on the blade and not 47645, 47645.US2, or 40645, but is the same 12" Fibrox Pro Slicer with Granton Blade.

Formerly Forschner
In 1937 Victorinox began selling cutlery in America through a Connecticut distributor called R.H. Forschner & Co. A well-known manufacturer of butcher scales, Forschner soon became the exclusive U.S. distributor for Victorinox knives, and was the name by which Victorinox knives were known.

In 2011 Victorinox began marketing all its product lines, including kitchen knives, under the common umbrella name by which the company is now popularly known – Victorinox Swiss Army. Today, Victorinox Swiss Army still sells a handful of accessories, including the High Heat Turner line, under the Forschner name.

Care and Use
Be good to your knives and they’ll be good to you. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you get the longest life out of your knife!

Hand Washing
Victorinox Swiss Army recommends washing all knives by hand. For best results, hand wash your knives with a soapy cloth and dry immediately.

While Fibrox Pro knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing as dishwashers are designed to spray water at a relatively high pressure, which can jostle the silverware and cause the knives to collide, dulling the edge.

Maintaining your Knife’s Edge
For optimum performance, knives should be honed after every couple of uses. Proper and frequent use of a honing steel will keep your knives sharper and performing at their best, but remember that a honing steel will not sharpen a dull knife. Honing steels are maintenance tools and are used to help keep an already sharp blade from degrading. During use, a knife edge becomes rolled or turned from direct contact with cutting boards, bones or other hard objects. In this case, honing is necessary to straighten the edge of the knife. After significant use, the steel particles become damaged and the edge cannot be brought back by honing, so sharpening is necessary. If your knives are dull, pitted, or you see visible nicks on the cutting edge, you’ll need to sharpen with a Swiss Sharp Handheld Sharpener (49002) or bring to a professional for re-sharpening.

History and Heritage
In 1884, Master Cutler Karl Elsener opened a cutlery shop in Ibach, Switzerland. There, he and the cutlers’ union he formed produced the finest steel cutlery, finished with the now-famous proprietary edge preferred globally by professional and home cooks. In 1891, Karl supplied the Swiss Army with its standard issue Soldier’s Knife and in 1897 with the Officer’s Knife. In 1921, after the death of his mother, Victoria, and with the advent of stainless steel, then known as “inoxydable" and used in the production of his cutlery, Karl changed the name of the company to Victorinox. It is from those humble beginnings that a worldwide icon was born.

Today, Victorinox is still owned and operated by the Elsener family, and both the company and family still resides in the small village of Ibach, Switzerland.

Customers Reviews

Amazing! Check out these slices!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jeff Kraus on May 8, 2015
I don't know why I waited this long to find a legitimate meat slicer. I've been using the wrong tool for the job for a long time (although admittedly, I didn't know that until I got this knife). Smoked brisket slices would be necessarily thick to avoid tearing, as well as uneven and a bit awkward because the blade wasn't long enough to cut through in one slice. Buckboard bacon would be a similarly difficult, coming out more often like a thick ham slice than bacon, or maybe thicker on one end than the other. American-style (pork belly) bacon was even more difficult.

Then I decided to look up meat slicing knives, and this one won me over due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and the reasonable price. The day it arrived, my latest batch of bacon had finished curing and was in the smoker, so the timing was perfect. I'm attaching a photo (which I hope isn't removed because I forgot to put the knife in the picture) that shows how well the knife slices, even considering my questionable knife skills and the fact that this was my first time ever using it.

I've since used it on those really thin chicken breasts that come in the 10-lb food service bags at big box stores, cutting them into clean slices along their thinnest dimension for jerky. I can't wait to pull another brisket off the smoker and get cutting!
Great Knife!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Noel R. Gould on July 8, 2016
I bought this about about 6 months ago to slice my briskets. It's razor sharp and when used properly can cut a brisket to look like you used a mechanical meat slicer. Love it. Be careful because the rounded front end is also razor sharp:)
Absolutely fantastic. I saw this knife on Cook's Country - ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by SE1964 on September 20, 2017
Absolutely fantastic. I saw this knife on Cook's Country - winning their testing as the best of 8 knives. On Cook's Country it was said to be $55, but Amazon had a much better price. I bought one for myself; and when I saw how easily it cut through meat I ordered one for my son.
Best Jerky Knife/Slicer I have ever used

5.0 out of 5.0 by KPR on December 19, 2017
Oh my, sharp, such smooth even slices.

I bought this to slice meat for jerky, best buy since my dehydrator, maybe better.

I started to make jerky for high protein, low carb, low sugar snacks. If you've never had fresh warm jerky, you have missed a true treat. Home made beats the packaged brands less cost, and allows for a variety of meats and flavors (beef, chicken, pork, spicy, teriyaki.....).

I Tried it on two eye of round roasts, as I was anxious, the first was chilled firm, but not as solid I usually had to for the knife that came with my old slicer set.

The difference was like night and day, smooth cuts, no sawing. Cuts were uniform, no blade flexing making uneven spots, cut all the way through (horizontally under the meat), no tapering, didn't have to move the roast to orient to a trailing edge. finished slicing in 1/3 the time too. Then when I would have had to switch blades to trim to size, once again this knife did the job, cutting like soft butter, and because of the length I got some fantastic pieces.

The second roast was a bit firmer, I tested other cuts, first I took rounds off the thick end, even tried some free hand (with out the slicer form, just this knife), and finished with the slicer unit, the knife started sharp and remained sharp. I even though about donning a cutting glove, as I got near the end of my task, with the meat being about twice the width of the slice.

This knife also was great with some left over turkey breast, I can hardly wait to use it on the holiday ham.

If there was any downside, it was the packaging, a plastic bubble, that while allowing a good view of the knife and keeping the edges protected during shipping, may lack the elegance of a box that some people may desire. It also lacked an edge guard, but with only adults in the kitchen, it is not an issue for me.

Personally I would rather have a good knife, the package doesn't matter when it in use, and that's what this is. A very good knife.

Final notes - the Fibrox handle was very comfortable at different cutting angles. It has a dual sided Granton blade. The blade is well balanced and centered in the handle, and should be usable right or left handed. For a 12 inch blade it is very light and maneuverable. The blade is Swiss made, and NSE certified. It is supposed to be dishwasher safe, though I would be sure to place it in a way other items won't bump the cutting edge.

5.0 out of 5.0 by lillygrace on December 27, 2017
My husband always complains about knives when it comes to the holidays. So I thought I’d try to find him something special. After looking into so many electric knives I stumbled across this one. After reading the reviews and seeing the pictures I thought I’d take a chance and try it out. I was nervous, especially with the price tag, but everyone says it cuts like butter. When we received it I still wasn’t sure. The packaging made it look like a Samurai sword. Says 12 inches but with the handle it’s alittle over 17. Haha. But none the less. We opened it, cleaned and my husband cut the turkey with it. Every slice was absolutely perfect!! Looked like it came from a professional kitchen. He absolutely loves it. I’ve even secretly used it a few times for cutting up other stuff. But definitely worth the investment. I do worry about how long it will stay this sharp but here’s to hoping I won’t have to worry about it any time soon.
Well reviewed for a reason!

5.0 out of 5.0 by KC on November 20, 2015
Great slicer. Saw this reviewed on America's Test Kitchen and am glad I went with the recommendation. I like to barbecue and one of the things I like to smoke the most is brisket. You must have a sharp knife when slicing brisket, otherwise you'll end up ripping off that nice bark. This does the job and then some. It is extremely sharp out of the box. It is not heavy and feels very comfortable in your hands. The handle is textured and won't slip. There's no doubt you can easily spend at least a hundred bucks with other well known brands. I would suggest you get this one instead - great value and great quality for a fraction of the price!
Best Slicer I've Ever Used!

5.0 out of 5.0 by GHannah on January 29, 2009
For years I've used an electric knife to slice turkey, roasts, ham, etc. No matter how well I sharpen a carving or chef's knife, I've been unable to avoid sawing back and forth to complete a cut, or worse, having the meat just tear apart as I cut. And thin, deli-style slices are just a dream, even with a sharp electric knife.

This slicer has cured all that. It's long enough to complete a breast cut on a 30-lb turkey in one stroke, and wide enough to make that stroke in a dead-straight line with little or no guidance from me. Thin ham slices for sandwiches are no problem at all. And it's sharp enough cut through the tenderest meat as if through warm butter. The small grooves on the blade seem to keep slices from sticking, making for an effortless cut.

I bought this knife on the basis of a review in Cook's Illustrated. You can spend more, or less, but I don't think you can buy a better slicer.
You too can be a fruit ninja

5.0 out of 5.0 by Rob Stanley on November 20, 2017
I've had the knife for a week or so and have been very pleased with it. It went through a rib roast I was breaking down like the proverbial hot knife through butter.
Tonight, though, it passed the ultimate test.
My 15 year old daughter was attempting to beat me with a salad dressing bottle. So, I whipped the Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife out of the rack and held it like the light saber that it is. She responded by throwing a clementine orange at me.
Folks, Fruit Ninja can be a real thing. I took about 1/3 off of the orange in one clean swipe. The cut was as clean as if I's had the orange on a board and carefully sliced it.
With Mom's permission, we tried a banana. Same results.
This knife is amazing.
Buy what the pros buy.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Don K on July 7, 2017
I have been a Victorinox professionally and personally for many year. They do not disappoint. This specific model is heavier than past V slicers I have had. It seems to add a lot of stability when cutting strip loins with fat caps. I never miss an opportunity to tell people not to buy expensive "heirloom" knives but rather buy what the pros buy. This is it.
Great knife!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mary Faulkner on June 5, 2017
Wonderful knife that cuts beautifully! I rely on the reviews from Cook's Illustrated and this knife has lived up to their expectations. I bought a second one as a gift for a friend who always remarks on mine when I carve a roast. Sharp and easy to use. I am glad I bought it overtime I get to use it. It is a very long knife so just make sure you have a big enough drawer to store it is. It is longer than any of my utensil sorters but I tuck it in the drawer on its own outside the divider.