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IDEAPOOL Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set - Elegant Fancy Nice Gift Pen Set for Signature Executive Business


Estimate to be delivered 18 Dec - 21 Dec


❤ VINTAGE GIFT: Natural handcrafted antique wooden pen vintage collection with matching black gift box, writing point 0.7mm, write smoothly. <br>
❤ UNIQUE PEN: Luxury, stylish and elegant gift pen for writers, work colleagues, creative types, business professionals, also dear friends and loved ones, best gift pen for festival.<br>
❤ ENJOY IT: Enjoying the compliments on your beautiful rosewood ballpoint pens, you will never get tired of the stream of compliments that you get from this wonderfully gift pen! <br>
❤ REPLACEMENT INK: Extra 1 stainless steel black ink refill, the rosewood ballpoint pen ink refill is replaced easily. If you need more blue or black rollerball ink refills, Please search "IDEAPOOL refills" to purchase.<br>
❤ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: As a reliable seller, we always do our best to provide good quality products as well as excellent service to our customers, your trust and business is that important to us.


IDEAPOOL handcrafted creative rosewood ballpoint pen is a vintage gift pen set for festival.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Rosewood ballpoint pen
- 1 x Black ink refill
- 1 x IDEAPOOL black gift box

★ Because of the natural color difference of the rosewood, the ballpoint pen may look vary, and it may have natural marks, that is all because of the natural raw material.★

Customers Reviews

Great Gel Pen, writes very nice!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Diane on September 12, 2016
This pen form IDEAPOOL is a very nice pen. This is a solid en that comes with an extra ink refill. The pen arrives in a very nice box, perfect for gift giving.
This is a gel pen with black ink. The writing tip is 0.5mm and the refill is made of stainless steel. It is very easy to remove and replace the ink.

This pen writes very smooth and continuous. There was no problem with ink flow. The ink does not bleed though a normal sheet of notebook paper. I was not coloring with it but when writing the ink flow is perfect.

The pen itself is constructed from rosewood and it is a hefty pen. It is not heavy to use but it is well made. I am enjoying using this pen for my daily activities. I do a lot of writing in my job, and some of that requires writing in ledgers. The point of this pen is small enough to do this. When writing in ledgers you are limited to the space for each letter or number.

I like writing with this pen, it just feels so nice to hold It looks high end and and it glides across the paper very nicely. I don't know about you but when I am writing with a "nice" pen I feel like my penmanship looks better, I guess it might be a subconscious thing.

Overall this pen is constructed well, and it writes very smoothly.

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Astounding Product that Really Impressed Me

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dean McKenzie on September 18, 2017
The IDEAPOOL natural Rosewood pen is an astounding product that really impressed me.

Before buying it, I wondered if there is any good price pen would have a good performance as a $100 or even $200 one. Eventually, I found it. I felt really comfortable with rosewood cover of the pen. If anybody like wooden material, that is your choice. I have to say the cartridge of the pen reaches high level of standards. How to know what standard is one pen? Use it to write on diverse types of papers, like expensive copy paper and scratch paper. I used it on a scratch paper (please see the first picture of the review). It shows smoothly and clear handwriting on the low-quality paper, which is a good reflection of a high-standard cartridge of the pen. I am so excited to find a good price-performance ration product.

If you want to send it as a gift to your friends or someone, please do it! I may buy some more to make them as presents to my friends later.

Long-term use experience will be updated for revision.
Pen writes smoothly on paper with a good flow. Looks are definitely classy with a secure ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ronald Ho on December 16, 2016
Pen writes smoothly on paper with a good flow. Looks are definitely classy with a secure click to cap your pen. Ink does not smudge too much either in contact with water. Definitely a good buy to be in your pocket everyday
Nice pen for the price

4.0 out of 5.0 by liz on April 19, 2017
This pen looks nice and writes great. The ink is smooth and the pen has some weight to it which makes it nice to hold. The brass fitting at the opening of the lid feels a little cheap to me and the wood is discolored in places like it didn't evenly hold whatever stain or finish was used. The cosmetic flaws are pretty minor and really just me being picky about my pens. I've gotten plenty of comments from other people around the office that my pen is really nice. Overall, great pen for the price.
A High Quality Pen at an Incredible Price.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Marissa on March 27, 2017
This is one of the best gel pens I have ever owned! I was a little concerned since it was made in China but I read the reviews and they were all accurate. It is hard for me to imagine rating this pen less than 4 stars. The rosewood color is even and elegant looking. The cap does not screw on but securely snaps in place. The gold trim on the pen is very attractive and adds a lot of class, whether viewed from a distance or up close. The gold ring accent on the top and bottom of the pen, however, is not as shiny as the wide band in the middle. But for the price, it is so much more than I expected.

The pen writes smoothly and the ink does not smear. With a 0.7mm tip, it was the perfect width for my needs - signing checks, taking notes, filling out forms, etc. Sometimes, a 0.7mm tip makes for too "fat" of a line but this pen somehow strikes a nice balance between a fine point and a thick point. The pen width was also very comfortable, considering I have small hands. This pen would make a wonderful graduation gift, especially if you got the version with the rosewood box.
I wanted to LOVE this pen

3.0 out of 5.0 by A. Grey on January 23, 2018
I wanted to LOVE this pen. I’m used to ball point pens, and this writes “wetter” than regular ball point. That said, I quickly adjusted, and I found the pen to be very comfortable. However, and this is a big however, I’m an author who writes my first drafts longhand. In five days, thd pen ran out of ink. It came with a free refill, so I thought maybe it had run out so quickly because the first refill had been “sitting” in the pen. So I put the brand new wax still on the top refill in. It lasted eight days, and is petering out on me, stopping and starting, and showing clear signs of running out. I’m not John Grisham. I’m a writer, but I have a full time job. These refills aren’t lasting for more than 5-8k words, at the very most. That’s just not going to cut it for me. I write with refillable pens in order to cut down on waste, so changing refills on a weekly basis just wont do it for me. Because the pen is sturdy and comfortable I give it a solid three stars. Great for casual letter writing or notes.
This pen is great - it's easy to hold (not to thick or ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mary H on December 30, 2017
I'm very picky about pens, as is my brother, so I wanted to find a smooth pen to give him for Christmas. This pen is great - it's easy to hold (not to thick or thin), writes smoothly (no ink blobs or ink bleeding onto your fingers), and the case to hold it is a nice perk. Plus, the fact that you can refill it is nice - I hate when you have to throw out a nice pen once the ink runs out. All in all, a great pen.
Beautiful Pen that Writes Well

5.0 out of 5.0 by Bushidomonk on January 9, 2018
[Fine Copper + Rosewood] Ballpoint Pen Writing Set with Handcrafted Rosewood Gift Box, IDEAPOOL Luxury Elegant Gift Pen Set for Signature Executive Business

This review is from a left-handed perspective. I love pens and being a lawyer, I write a lot of notes. So, I wanted a pen that would sit on my desk at work to use from time to time taking notes on various files. This pen looks fantastic. It is seriously a beautiful pen. That being said, I wanted a pen that would also write very well and smoothly. This pen does, with one exception... as you can see in the pictures linked, the ink flow varies when writing. I'm not sure if this is a left-handed only problem or if other customers have experienced the same thing. That being said, the ink is nice and dark. I've compared the ink to a Mont Blanc pen I own and you can see that the Mont Blanc ink flow is smooth and steady, but is much lighter in color.

The weight of the pen is perfect - it has some beef to it so it doesn't feel like it is going to break in your hand, but it is not too heavy that you feel you will tire quickly.

The cap is a screw cap - this doesn't bother me at all and I like it, but if you are someone easily frustrated (you should probably see someone about that) not being able to instantly uncap the pen may annoy you.

One thing that did annoy me is the wax that comes on the tip of the pen was extra sticky and never quite came off as you can see in the photo.

All in all, I am very happy with this pen. Ink refills are cheap too - a six pack runs you 7 to 8 bucks whereas a mont blanc refill of pack of 2 sets you back 18 to 20 bucks.
Awesome pen!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sister Ruth on December 30, 2017
I couldn’t believe a single pen would cost $12, never spent more than $1 on a pen, but I see why it’s a little pricier; this pen is amazing. (probably exaggerating but again I’ve only ever used dollar pens)

This thing writes EXTREMELY smooth and comes out looking really great, and gets extra points for looking so gosh darn debonair.

Also very nice IDEAPOOL gives a free pen refill. I looked up how much the replacement refills are and they’re not priced bad at all for how many you get. (6 ink refills 3 black 3 blue for $7.60 ((they do not come with this pen)).)

ALSO! Order came at estimated date, was not delayed, came the day they told me I’d get it. Very happy with this purchase!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Harlot Beauty on January 30, 2018
I purchased a daily journal for a friend of mine so that he could be a but more introspective and maybe gain some insight looking back on his previous entries etc. I wanted to find a nice, yet affordable pen to give him along with the journal, and this one fit the bill. Not only is it really beautiful in person, but it comes ready to gift in a nice gift box (I just got the cardboard one) and includes an ink refill. My friend absolutely loved it!