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F-32 Handle - 18 COLORS - Available For 30oz or 20oz YETI, RTIC (PREVIOUS DESIGN), OZARK TRAIL, SIC CUP Rambler & More Tumbler Travel Mug - Blue Purple Gray & More - BPA FREE (30OZ MIDNIGHT BLACK)

by F-32

Estimate to be delivered 18 Dec - 21 Dec


✔ NO MORE SPILLS - No more messes from slippery hands. Extra thick anti-slip rubber locks firmly your tumbler at any angle, even upside down.
✔ MAXIMUM COMFORT - The F-32 Handle has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort by gently fitting the contours of all sizes of hands.
✔ BUILT TO LAST - Made from eco-friendly, recyclable, BPA free, FDA approved, highly durable Polypropylene Plastic (PP #5) adhering to ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials).
✔ WHAT IS YOUR MOOD TODAY? WHAT COLOR WILL YOU BE WEARING? - 19 colors to choose from in our 30 oz. size collection.
✔ TOP SELLING 30 OZ. HANDLE ON AMAZON : 300,000+ SOLD (99% VERIFIED Purchases Reviews) - Comes with F-32 Lifetime Warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fits most 30 oz travel cup/mug/tumblers. Many Exclusive colors. ******NOTE****** DOES NOT FIT THE NEWLY RELEASED 30oz RTIC TUMBLER (08.2017, modified shape), FITS PERFECTLY ANY 30oz RTIC THAT HAS AN "RTIC" LOGO ON THE TUMBLER (previous shape) AND NOT THE NEW "BEAR" LOGO. NOTE 2: a 30 oz. size handle won't fit a 20 oz. size tumbler and vice-versa.


The F-32 handle collection is the most diverse tumbler handle offering on the market (By size choices and # of colors). The 30oz. F-32 handle fits perfectly various branded 30 oz. tumblers including, but not limited to YETI tumbler Rambler, RTIC *** NOTE*** DOES NOT FIT THE NEWLY RELEASED 30oz RTIC TUMBLER (08.2017, modified shape), FITS ANY 30oz RTIC THAT HAS AN "RTIC" LOGO ON THE TUMBLER (previous shape) AND NOT THE NEW "BEAR" LOGO. Fits as well OZARK (Walmart brand), SIC Cup, Reduce (Costco brand), Grid Gear, Haute, Eskimo, Thermik, Magnum Steel, Kodiak, Boss, Polar Drifter, Gus, Engel, Titan, Polar Pad, Smart, Iconiq, Epic, Bison, K2, Zero, Kryo Kup, Iceberg, Frosti and many more 30 oz. tumblers! Fits as well in most car cup holders and camping chairs. Ships Exclusively/ONLY from the USA. Manufactured by F-32 Cups, Inc. The F-32 brand, F-32 Logo and the F-32 Cups brand are registered brands of F-32 Cups, Inc. NOTE : the 30 oz. size F-32 handle does NOT fit 20 oz. size Tumblers, please click on the 20 Oz size button at the top of this page for our 20oz size F-32 handle collection offering.

Customers Reviews

30oz handle is great, 20oz handle is ok.

3.0 out of 5.0 by C. Odom on January 18, 2017
I bought one of each size to use with Ozark Trail tumblers. While the handle for the 30oz tumbler fit perfectly, the handle for the 20oz has a considerable gap between the bottom ring and the tumbler (see photo). It is still usable but it doesn't hold the 20 oz tumbler as securely as the handle for the 30oz tumbler does.
great cup handle

5.0 out of 5.0 by Villagesgal on July 2, 2016
This looks and works great. Came in two days. I love this handle. Fits Wal-Mart's Ozark Trail 30oz cup perfectly and makes it easy to use. The handle is substantial so I know it will last. Cup still fits into my cars cup holder. Well worth the money to easily pick up and use the cup without being afraid of dropping it because it's so heavy when full. Would buy again.
I loved the color

5.0 out of 5.0 by Tara L. on July 24, 2016
I loved the color, brighter than the picture here. It arrived very fast. It works pretty well..only thing it has slipped down a few times while holding the handle, not sure what I did wrong, so I am just careful with it. But the 32 oz Yeti is very heavy and I don't care for the feeling of the stainless steel on my hands..not sure why. I was also happy that it still fit in my car holder. I was worried I would have to remove it but no, it works just fine.
Just OK; a little disappointed

3.0 out of 5.0 by HL9083 on October 16, 2017
My 30oz Ozark Trail is wide and heavy for my wrist and grip. I needed a handle to take the strain off. I read the reviews of a bunch of handles and chose this one because someone said it was a perfect fit specifically for the Ozark Trail. There is another handle almost half the price of this one that looks like the same basic design that I wish I'd tried instead. I like the color and it does take the strain off my grip and wrist. However, it does not stay in place well at all and just slips down. I've read the reviews and tried twisting it up and boiling it. It still doesn't stay about half the time. It would be better if lining that's on the lower ring was also on the upper ring. It also is not a great fit in my car cupholder (Toyota Sienna XLE). If my cup is the only one in the cupholder I can turn the handle to flow into the 2nd cupholder and it's fine. But then the handle is not at the angle I'd prefer, but still fine. If there is another cup in the 2nd one, then I aim the handle back. The bottom ring and the handle are too low that the cup does not fit level in the cupholder; it sits at an angle. Also, it would be be more comfortable in the hand if the handle was smooth against the palm instead of open ridges. So, it functions and does what I need. But it doesn't hit all the marks, which makes it over-priced.

Update: The seller contacted me about my disappointment in the product. They provided excellent and prompt customer service, which was very much appreciated. While I stand by my 3 star product review, I happily gave the seller a 5 star review. After more daily use of the product, I would say I'm more used to the ridged handle and the cupholder fit. But still frustrated with the handle sliding off the Ozark Trail 30oz tumbler regularly.
Great Handle, and a great price.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Antnvik on October 7, 2017
I purchased this handle as a gift for myself to go on my RTIC and Sam's Club insulated tumbler cups. It's love. I got the aqua color blue, and it's pretty and looks great with the stainless of the cups I own. The bottom ring is rubberized, so it fits snugly and stays on well. The top ring is just plastic. The grip is nice, it's not padded or rubberized, just plastic, but it is a good size to hold with your hand around the cup (in between the handle and cup) or by just holding the handle itself. I'll be buying more for gifts.

Also, the company is just the cutest. They sent along this sweet and silly poem about the handle when it shipped. It was really cute.
Does NOT Fit the Ibex 30 oz. Tumbler!

1.0 out of 5.0 by Bobbi on November 26, 2017
The handle is study, pretty, and comes in lots of colors - all good things. The catch is that it does not fit the Ibex 30 oz. tumbler. I'm sure that it fits other brands, but if you have an Ibex, do NOT buy this handle. The handle itself is well made except for no inner rubber grip on the larger upper ring, but the sizing and proportions do not work for the Ibex 30 oz. tumbler. Mine cost $9.99, and I'm not going to the hassle of packing to return, standing in line at the post office, and paying shipping to return. The handle is probably perfect for other brands, but if you have a 30 oz. Ibex tumbler, stay away from this handle. IT WILL NOT FIT.
Nice addition to stainless tumblers

4.0 out of 5.0 by Carolina Shopper on June 16, 2017
We purchased 2 of these handles in sea foam blue for our Ozark 20 oz. tumblers. Interesting story... although we thought our tumblers were identical, they are not. Both are Ozark, same capacity, but one has a slight curve to the outside that we'd never noticed before (it's not the more visible wide to narrow transition you see on the larger tumblers). We discovered this minor discrepancy after ordering these handles. The handle fits one tumbler - the one without the curve - nice and snug. On the other tumbler - the one with the subtle curve - the lower band does not fit snugly against the tumbler, because the tumbler is more narrow there. The handles are still functional - just be aware that there is variation in the tumblers, even when it's the same brand and size.
I love it!

5.0 out of 5.0 by CMO on December 28, 2017
I was a bit dubious but thought it worth the try, and I love it! We have Members Mark 30 oz stainless cups (not straight sided, but wide top - abt 3.75" and narrower base - abt. 2.6". Height - w/o the lids, the cups are slightly under 7.75" tall). I have arthritic hands and found lifting these cups a bit difficult and unreliable, but these make all the difference. The handle slips right on from the bottom and stays up well. When you want to move the orientation of the handle(as for left-handed vs right-handed use when the lid is on) or remove it for clean-up, that's easy to do. You just slip it down and it loosens. The weight and diameter of the cup holds the handle in place. The handle itself is easy and comfortable to grip and the rings give you a second way to grasp the cup should you need to. I got another for my husband (a different color - makes the cups easy to tell apart - that's another benefit). Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5.0 by karen warvi on July 21, 2017
Thanks so much for your prompt service and an incredible product. The handles provide a very simple sensable solution to the bulky stainless handless tumblers. They are incredible tumblers that are difficult to hold as their size makes it difficult for arthritic hands to grip. I received my 2 handles for our Tumblers. Mine is a Rocky Mountain 30 ounce that holds ice and cold for 24 Daughter bought everyone else the Ozark mountain tumblers with the same features and qualities. Trouble being that there are no handles.  My search pulled up your companies handles first and I am pleased it did. It is not everyday that you find a good, reliable, company that makes such a useful outstanding product.

      Now my handles came from your company very quickly, and they are amazing! They have changed my enjoyment of my tumbler by at least 80% easily.  I have severe arthritis, and the handles make it possible for me to better secure a grip on my cup, without losing my grip on it. It makes it easy to really, "get a handle on things" literally! Thank you, so very much! I am seriously, taking count on my families tumblers, in order to, re- order everyone else new sturdy handles for their Big tumblers!

Karen Warvi
    You all take care....
Thank you
            Karen Warvi
Top Rated Handle

5.0 out of 5.0 by Qu33nM3LL on August 18, 2016
This handle is great! Love the color which was exact to picture. My Ortic 32oz fits nicely with this handle. Handle is very sturdy and love how tight it fits on cup. It fits nicely in cup holders as well in my hand too. I'd recommend buying this for yourself or gift.